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CLOSED: from 29/09 to 11/10 the GlazenHuis is closed due to change of exhibition.



  • UK Glass expo image Low Res

    06/04/2014 – 28/09/2014

    From 6 April till 28 September 2014, the glass museum GlazenHuis in Lommel presents an exhibition on contemporary artistic glass from the United Kingdom.

    The GlazenHuis organizes two to three exhibitions a year. Almost every year we develop a show focusing on one or more countries, searching for its specific identity in the field of glass and art. In this series we have compiled Katamari Glass of Sandbox (Japanese glass, 2008), Tenuous Tenacity (Canadian glass, 2009), Czech Glass, between tradition and innovation (2010) and the Glass Match: Belgium - The Netherlands (2011).

    The exhibition on UK Glass will be the 18th exhibition since the opening of the GlazenHuis in May 2007.

    For this show we have recruited 23 established and upcoming artists whose represented works are examples of excellent traditional craftsmanship or fascinating applications of new technologies, but as well artworks of exquisite, artistic and conceptual quality.

    This selection contains small and medium-sized objects, wall works, paintings, photography, video, projections and a monumental site specific installation in the tower of the museum, created by Michael Petry together with our studio team.

    Participating artists: Sarah Blood, Katharine Coleman, Erin Dickson, Katharine Dowson, Fiaz Elson, Jerome Harrington, Shelley James, Peter Layton, Julia Malle, James Maskrey, Helen Maurer, Graham Muir, Keïko Mukaïdé, Michael Petry, Liam Reeves, Michael Ruh, Jeffrey Sarmiento, Louis Thompson, Andrea Walsh, Richard Wheater, Kathryn Wightman, Emma Woffenden, Jeff Zimmer

    Andrea-Walsh-thumb harrington-Glass-eliminates-all-confusion-thumb Box-Cross-Goodbye-woffenden-thumb Hidden-Light-2014-by-Fiaz-Elson-thumb Katharine-Dowsob---My-Soul-in-Your-Hands-thumb kathryn-wightman-Posy-thumb liamp-reeves-warp-vessel-thumb mukaide-Eight-Halos-thumb LouisThompson-thumb Maskrey-The-Drayton-Egg-thumb maurer-relay-overlay-detail-thumb peter-layton-zoom-thumb petry-thumb Richard-Wheater-them-and-Us-thumb Sarmiento-muscles-thumb S-Blood--Dissect-thumb S-James-Hybrid-Form-thumb SporeMichaelRuh2013-thumb Window-I-Erin-Dickson-thumb coleman-small-ruby-waterlily-thumb Jeff-Zimmer-01-thumb graham-muir-thumb Julia-Malle-Spheres-thumb




12/10/2014 – 15/04/2015

Throughout history, concepts of body and sex have had a significant impact. From ancient idealization of the harmonious, athletic body to the 1960s "liberated" body and gender perceptions to the more recent depreciation of the "natural" body in favour of the "modified" eternally young body.

In the wake of the development of the concept of the body, and that many have come to realize that society not only shapes personality and behaviour, it also shapes the way in which the body appears, there have also been changes to the perception of gender.

 Today, traditional gender perceptions and stereotypes, including the concept of "the ideal family unit" are in transition and there is a lively debate about equal rights, women in top positions and men in more domestic roles.

But what happens to our perception of body, sex and gender when the concepts are illustrated and reinterpreted by a group of 25 international artists from 16 different countries and cultures. © glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Patricipating artists: 
Alison Lowry (IE) – Amy Krüger (SE/DK) – Andreeva Anastasia (BG) – Boris Shpeizman (IL) – Emma Woffenden (GB) – Hélène Uffren (GB/ FR) – Ilse Van Roy (BE) – Jenny Ritzenhoff (DE/NL) –Jitka Havlicková (CZ) – Julija Pociute (CZ) – Katrin Maurer (AT/NL) – Libor Dolezal (CZ) - Maria Bang Espersen (DK) – Matilda Kästel (SE) – Mette Colberg (DK) – Michal Motycka (CZ) – Nadege Desgenetez (AU) – Ned Cantrell (GB/DK) – Noreen Todd (GB) – Palo Macho & Jana Hojstricová (SK) - Rebecca Arday (US) – Rui Sasaki (JP) – Silvia Levenson (AR/IT) – Susan Silver Brown (US) – Vaclav Cigler (CZ)




PUBLICATIES-International-Glass-Prize-thumb International Glass Prize (2012) 168p / 15EUR 


PUBLICATIES-Glascanvas-thumb The Glass Canvas (2011)
111p / 15EUR

PUBLICATIES-De-Smaak-van-Glas-thumb The Taste of Glass (2010)
129p / 18EUR


PUBLICATIES-Anima-Mundi-thumb Anima Mundi (2009)
55p / 10 EUR

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