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XY - 10 Years GlazenHuis
06 05 2017 - 17 09 2017

The current tenth-anniversary exhibition entitled ‘XY’ – ‘X’ for 10 and ‘Y’ for years- at the Lommel GlazenHuis is the glass museum’s twenty-fourth show. GlazenHuis has invited twenty-four artists and designers to demonstrate up-to-date uses of glass within the field of fine and applied arts in Belgium.

The Belgians’ feel for material must be in their genetic code. Because of the traditions of the manufacturing sector and industry alongside the application of crafts as the backbone of Belgium's design industry where glass plays an important role in the cultural values that form Belgium’s identity.



GLAZENHUIS-tumb With the GlazenHuis the city of Lommel (Belgium) wishes to create a platform for glass as the fundament for art. The GlazenHuis is not only an architectural beacon and a glass museum, but acts also as an informative, educational, production and sales centre. This Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art combines various functions and it approaches glass from all possible perspectives: artistic, functional and conceptual, craftsmanly and industrial, contemporary and historical.



  • 11/08/17

    Het GlazenHuis zoekt op korte termijn een voltijds medewerker voor het glasatelier. Bekijk de vacature hier! Deadline sollicitaties: 1 september 2017.


Dorp 14b - 3920 Lommel - België
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