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Contemporary Jewelry of glass
07/06/2008 – 31/08/2008

Glass is a defiant material. It can be both transparent and almost invisible as well as glittering, scintillating and reflecting. But it can also be matt, coarse and opaque. Glass offers the artist a profusion of expressive possibilities, ranging from threatening, offending and obnoxious, to tender, fragile, gentle and attractive. No wonder artists have been working with this material for centuries.

The Glasswear exhibition generously pays attention to the undeniable richness of glass. The 200 displayed pieces of jewellery show a truly contemporary interpretation of the jewelry concept. The Glasswear initiative resulted from the cooperation between the 'Museum of Arts & Design' in New York and the 'Schmuckmuseum' in Pforzheim (DE). The event shows the work of 60 leading international designers.

There are artists who deliberately exploit the paradoxical symbolism of both fragility and hardness, so subsistent in glass. Abstract and figurative. From glass mirrors to hourglasses. Other artists however recycle used or discarded glass in order to create a new context.

Both the aesthetic characteristics of glass and the references to precious material are manifestly present in this exhibition. In bygone days glass was certainly not considered an inferior material. On the contrary. The first finds of glass jewelry go all the way back to the third millennium BC. The opposites 'real' and 'unreal' lend the exhibition an enjoyable tension and grant the art of jewellery a stimulating controversy.

presented artists:
BABETTO Giampaolo (IT), BACKSTRÖM Monica (SE), BALLY Boris (USA), BRAGA Célio (BR), BRITTON Helen (AU), CAVALAN Piere (FR), CHO Simsa (JP), CIGLER Václav (CZ), COKUS Patty (USA), COURTNEY Giselle (AU), CUYAS RAMON Puig (ES), DE JONG Rian (NL), DOBLER Georg (DE), EBENDORF Robert (USA), EBERHARTER Andreas (AU), ENTERLINE Sandra (USA), FRIEDLICH Donald (USA), FRITSCH Karl (DE), GENTILLE Thomas (USA), GILBERT Karen (USA), GROOT Mieke (NL), HILBERT Therese (CHE), HORN Timothy (AU), KASALÝ Svatopluk (CZ), KODEJŠ Jaroslav (CZ), KODRÉ Helfried (AU), KRUGER Daniel (ZA), KÜNZLI Otto (CH), LECHTZIN Stanley (USA), LEHTINEN Tarja (FI), LILLIE Jaqueline I. (FR), MARCHETTI Stefano (IT), MCNEIL Linda (USA), MELLAND Nanna (NO), MINARIKOVA Martina (CZ), MITSUSHIMA Kazuko (JP), NIJLAND Evert (NL), NOTEN Ted (NL), OYE Emiko (USA), PAPCÚN Martin (SK), PARCHER Joan (USA), PAVAN Francesco (IT), PETERS Ruudt (NL), PETRY Michael (USA), PRINS Katja (NL), RAMSHAW Wendy (GB), REVEANE Piergiuliano (IT), SCHLIWINSKI Marianne (DE), SCHOBINGER Bernard (CH), SCOTT Joyce (USA), SHERMAN Sandra (USA), ŠIBOR Jiri (CZ), ŠÍLENÁ Markéta (CZ), SKUBIC Peter (RS), VIGNA Giorgio (IT), WORDON Nancy (USA), ZANELLA Annamaria (IT), ZIMMERMANN Petra (AU)

in cooperation with:
Museum of Arts and Design (New York, US)
Cornelie HOLZACH, SchmuckMuseum (Pforzheim, DE)

catalogue available


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